General Terms:

  • The following terms include the official terms and conditions of the FekraTech platform ("FekraTech" or "Platform") which forms an integral part of the initiative. Thus, participating in the FekraTech initiative means that you are agreeing and complying to these terms and conditions and any matter relating to them, as well as the Platform's Terms of Use.
  • This initiative is supervised by the National Digitization Unit (and will be referenced as "FekraTech Team" or "Project Team").
  • The FekraTech Team reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, extend and/or alter the process of the challenge, or its terms and conditions without prior notice and participants may not object or make any kind of claims.
  • Any changes made to FekraTech will be announced on the Platform and FekraTech's official social media pages.
  • All submissions will undergo screening and evaluation to ensure their eligibility and compatibility with the initiative's criteria, Terms and Conditions, and its vision. For more information on the criteria, please visit the criteria page.
  • All participants must commit to the specified start dates and deadlines of participation and submission.
  • Any submission proven to be in violation of intellectual property rights and/or copyrights, whether through plagiarizing or duplication, will be disqualified from the initiative at any of its stages, and the participant will be subject to legal action. All submissions undergo a diligent evaluation process through which they will be inspected in all aspects, including intellectual rights. In the event a winner was later found to be in violation of any intellectual property rights and/or copyrights through plagiarizing or duplication, or to have committed any legal violation in an attempt to win the prize, the winner will be subject to legal action and the prize will be returned to the FekraTech Team.
  • In the event the initiative was cancelled for any reason, the FekraTech Team will publish a message on the Platform and FekraTech's social media pages announcing the cancellation.
  • The FekraTech Team reserves the right to request further information and/or documents from the participants, if needed, to support or validate the credibility of their submission.
  • FekraTech Team reserves the right, at any stage of the initiative, to disqualify any submission that does not comply with the Terms and Conditions, the filtration criteria or the initiative's vision.

Participant Eligibility:

  • The participant must be a citizen or resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Corporations, associations and all public sectors may participate in FekraTech.
  • Groups may participate in FekraTech as a team.
  • For group participants, it is essential to name a team leader in the registration form.
  • The FekraTech Team will not get involved in any internal disputes between members of a single team, and will not be liable for any material loss, damage or disappointment. In the event of such disputes, the FekraTech Team reserves the right to disqualify the team entirely or members of it.
  • Submissions must represent a digital solution to the problem presented on the Platform.
  • Personal information provided by the participant must be complete and accurate.
  • Employees of FekraTech's organizing company, the employees of the National Digitization Unit and their immediate family members, members of the evaluation and filtration committee, and members of the nomination committee, are not eligible to participate in the challenge, as well as advertising and promotional agencies directly involved in the initiative.
  • The FekraTech Team reserves the right to refrain from awarding the prize to the primary winner and to choose an alternative winner in the event the winner is found not eligible in accordance with the Terms and Conditions or the initiative's vision.
  • The participant must commit to providing only correct information at all stages of the challenge, as well as attending in person (if needed) and completing all stages themselves and not delegate any steps to a representative at any stage.
  • The participant must have full authority to consent to the Terms and Conditions. Any obligations or rights to a third party must also be fulfilled by the participant. The participant must disclose any contractual relationship with a third party, such as a business or talent agency or any other entity, as that may prevent the participant from participating completely or partially in the challenge, or limit the FekraTech Team's authority to use the submitted content completely or partially.

Selecting the Winner:

  • After receiving and filtering the submissions, the nomination committee and the FekraTech Team will select the top submissions to qualify for the final stage. The FekraTech Team reserves the right to, in its sole discretion, determine which nominees qualify for the final stage.
  • The FekraTech Team has the complete authority to amend the number of eligible participants which corresponds to the interest of the initiative based on the criteria and the decision of the nomination committee.
  • The judging committee will evaluate the nominated submissions and contact the nominees, if needed, to select the winner in each challenge, based on the criteria.


  • The FekraTech Team reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel or alter the prizes without prior notice. The participant acknowledges that they will not have the right to object to such actions or make any kind of claims.
  • Any changes made to the prizes will be announced on the Platform and FekraTech's official social media pages.
  • In the event the winner is a group, the prize will be awarded to the team leader specified in the registration form. The FekraTech Team will not be liable for any disputes that may arise between members of the same participating team relating to the prizes or how they are distributing it amongst them.

Intellectual Property:

  • By participating in any of FekraTech's challenges, the participant agrees to grant the FekraTech Team, or any other party nominated by the Team, the right to publish any submission they see appropriate on the website or in any other media channel currently known or that may develop in the future; these channels may include websites, mobile devices, television and radio. The participant also agrees to grant the FekraTech Team the right to use the submission for promotional, advertising and marketing activities relating to the FekraTech Team. The Participant also grants the FekraTech Team a non-exclusive and irrevocable right to copy, publish or transfer the submission as well as to edit, modify, rearrange, cut, translate and reproduce the submission for purposes of the challenge.
  • All rights to the submitted projects and ideas are protected and reserved to the project and idea owners with the exception of the condition mentioned above. However, in the case a participant is selected for incubation for example, rights to the project or idea are negotiated between the incubating partner and the participant to come to terms that are agreed upon and beneficial to both parties.
  • In the event that disputes arise between members of one team over the intellectual property of the their project, the FekraTech Team will not be liable for any material loss, damage or disappointment, and will reserve the right to disqualify the entire team or any of its members.
  • The submission should not violate any international or local rights, laws or provisions, or in any way encourage the violation of those rights, laws and provisions.
  • The FekraTech Team is not liable to any governmental authorities for any legal procedures regarding violations of any laws committed by the participant.


  • The FekraTech Team is in no liable for any material loss, damage or disappointment incurred on the participants as a result of participating in the challenge.
  • The FekraTech Team is not liable for incorrect or inaccurate information relayed as a result of human error, technical malfunction, lost/delayed data transmission or omission, disruption in telephones, computers, internet networks, computer accessories or software, or any other reasons that may interfere with website accessibility.


  • Any conflict that may arise regarding the aforementioned terms and conditions will be settled amicably. In the event that a settlement is not reached, both parties will turn to the Saudi judicial system for arbitration. The Saudi government will be the sole authority in such arbitration, and the process will be carried out by the Saudi judicial system regardless of the participant's nationality.

Terms of Use:

  • The FekraTech Platform is intended for public use. Access to or use of the Platform is subject to the following terms, and must comply with all other applicable Saudi laws and regulations.
  • By accessing FekraTech, users are regarded as having entered into an unlimited agreement to all Terms of Use. This agreement becomes effective immediately upon first use of or access to the Platform.
  • Any further modifications made to the Terms of Use shall take effect immediately upon announcement, unless otherwise stated.
  • Continuous use of and access to the Platform by any user will be construed as their complete agreement to these modifications.

User Restrictions:

  • By accessing the Platform, users agree to refrain from:
    • Providing or uploading files that contain software, material, data or any other information that is not owned by or licensed to the user.
    • Using the Platform to send any kind of commercial or unsolicited email, or misusing the Platform in any other way.
    • Providing or uploading files that contain viruses.
    • Disseminating, announcing, distributing or circulating material and/or information that is defamatory or violates the law, and/or any other unacceptable material, or illegal information.
    • Using the Platform to participate in any illegal activities inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • Using the Platform to announce any product or services that may result in the violation of laws or regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • Using any means, software or procedures that may prevent the Platform from operating properly.
    • Carrying out any action that places unreasonable demand upon the Platform's infrastructure or requires large storage space.

Termination of Use:

  • The FekraTech team has complete authority, at its own discretion, to terminate or limit a user's right to log into or use the Platform, without prior notice needed and for any reason, including violation of the Terms of Use by the user or any conduct that may be regarded by the FekraTech team as illegal or as causing harm to others. In the event of such termination, the user will not be authorized to log into the platform.

Linking to the FekraTech Platform:

  • Websites interested in linking to the Platform, displaying its content, or engaging in similar activities, must submit a formal request to the FekraTech Team in order to attain prior approval.
  • The FekraTech Team has the right to impose the terms it deems appropriate when permitting any individual or institution to establish any link to the Platform or to any part of its content.
  • The FekraTech Team shall not, in any circumstances, be considered an affiliate or a concerned party when referring to any brands, logos, or any other promotional material used or appearing on websites linking to the platform or any part of its content.
  • The FekraTech Team has the right to suspend or interrupt any relation or link made to it by any website that contains inappropriate or illegal topics, names, materials or information, as well as any materials that violate legislation or intellectual property rights, or violate privacy and public rights.
  • The FekraTech Team maintains the right to block any unauthorized links at any given time. The FekraTech Team is not liable for any content on any website not associated with the Platform, whether the website is accessed through the Platform or is used to access the Platform.

Copyright Notice:

  • The Platform is supervised by the National Digitization Unit.
  • All content available on the FekraTech Platform is protected in accordance with the national rules and regulations related to publications and trademarks, as well as all other intellectual property rights. The content on the Platform is authorized and owned by the National Digitization Unit.
  • Except where otherwise stated, users are not authorized to sell, license, lease, modify, copy, reproduce or download, publish, transfer or distribute any materials derived from the content of the Platform without attaining prior written approval from FekraTech Team, unless otherwise stated.
  • It is prohibited to change or modify any content on the Platform. In addition, all images included within the platform are protected by publication copyrights, and it is not permitted to copy or use such content without attaining prior written approval from FekraTech Team.
  • Users of the FekraTech Platform waiver any intellectual property rights to any comments, posts, suggestions, or other form of user-generated content that they submit to the Platform. Those rights are immediately transferred to the FekraTech Platform in accordance with national rules and regulations. As such, all content displayed on the Platform, user-generated or otherwise, shall be construed as being the intellectual property of the FekraTech Platform.


  • Users agree to comply exclusively with the Saudi judicial system with regards to any issue or dispute arising as a result of the use of the Platform.


  • The FekraTech Platform is a government Platform supervised by the National Digitization Unit.
  • FekraTech has been designed in compliance with current regulations in Saudi Arabia. Thus, and with no warranties in this regard, FekraTech cannot guarantee immunity from or protection against any external attack or hacking.

Ownership of Platform Content:

  • Neither the Platform nor the server contains viruses or other malicious elements.
  • The Platform contains links to other websites that are not subject to the FekraTech Team. Therefore, the National Digitization Unit is not responsible for the content of those sites, and consequently the user bears sole liability for any dangers arising from browsing websites through links provided on the Platform.
  • The Platform contains links to other websites or portals that may attempt to protect information and privacy using means or processes different from those used by FekraTech; therefore, FekraTech is not responsible for this content or the means of privacy protection employed. The Platform users must review the privacy policies of those websites.
  • The Platform’s network server automatically collects IP addresses of visitors. These IP addresses are used to help resolve server issues and to compile statistical evaluations.
  • FekraTech uses cookies, which are files that give users full access to websites. If desired, FekraTech may use cookies to remember passwords in an attempt to simplify and accelerate access to the Platform. Cookie files are stored on the computer’s hard disk, provided that they have been allowed and encrypted.

Limitation of Liability:

  • Online e-services offered on the FekraTech Platform, in addition to information relating to government agencies, are intended as a means of simplifying traditional procedures. Users hereby acknowledge that online communications may result in third party spying or violation of their privacy. Users also acknowledge that the Platform will not alter information made available by official government agencies, and that all online applications and administrative procedures may also be conducted directly and in person.
  • Consequently, users are solely responsible for their use of the Platform, and the FekraTech Team bears no liability for any loss or damage incurred on the users as a result of using and/or visiting the Platform, including as the result of any information, statements or views announced through the Platform. Furthermore, the FekraTech Team is not responsible for any problems that may arise from accessing the internet, or any damages in hardware or software. The FekraTech Team will not be held responsible for any misconduct or malicious comments made by other users logged into the Platform.

Protection from Viruses:

  • The FekraTech Team advises users to use the appropriate antivirus software when attempting to download any content from the Platform. The FekraTech Team is not liable for any loss or damage to data or the user's computer as a result of using the Platform or its content.

Waiver of Claims:

  • The FekraTech Platform and all its services, sources of information and other materials are intended for personal use without any declaration or warranty. Therefore, the FekraTech team is not responsible for identified or unidentified errors or violations that may arise as a result of use content or links published on the Platform.
  • Any communication or information that the user may send through the Platform is not the owned by the sender and privacy of this content is not guaranteed. In addition, any interactive use of the Platform by the user is not a guarantee of rights, licenses or privileges of any kind.


  • Users hereby acknowledge never to take legal action against the National Digitization Unit or any of its administrators including all agencies, employees or authorized agents responsible for managing or updating the FekraTech Platform. This clause is considered a legal exemption from obligations or responsibilities that may arise regarding claims resulting from user violation of Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use or any other relevant regulations inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

Criteria for Comments and Online Sharing:

  • All comments posted through online sharing channels or on social networks are thoroughly reviewed to ensure that Users have complied with the standards and regulations relating to posting comments.
  • The FekraTech Team is authorized to exclude any comments it deems inappropriate and ban users who post them. Users must therefore comply with the following rules when posting any comments or messages through the Platform:
    • Observe general ethics and avoid any inappropriate phrases or use of impolite words.
    • Keep comments relevant, and focus on the issue under discussion.
    • Avoid personal criticism that does not add to the discussion.
    • Avoid extremism.
    • Be completely certain of the accuracy of Qura’anic texts, prophetic Hadiths, and religious views they refer to, and leave such topics for specialists to discuss.
    • Refrain from posting any personal information in comments, such as phone numbers and direct contact details.

Crieteria for earning points:

  • All points earned as part of the ambassador's program on FekraTech are routinely checked and any unusal activity investigated. If any proof of manipulation, foul play or unlawful use of the system is discovered for the sake of earning points, the FekraTech team reserves the right to deduct the unlawfuly earned points and the user relenquishes all rights to raise any objection to the deduction.