Frequently Asked Questions

About FekraTech

What is FekraTech?

FekraTech is an interactive platform that enables citizens to participate in the national digital transformation through submitting ideas or projects for digital solutions intended to help overcome the challenges posed on the platform.

What is the governmental body behind FekraTech?

FekraTech is a creative initiative of the National Digitization Unit (NDU), a government unit created to rise with Saudi Arabia's digital economyو activate a vital society and support innovation and creativity.

Why do the challenges only focus on health?

As a pilot program, the current theme of FekraTech is the health theme, created in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and it focuses on the top three challenges that face the health field currently in accordance to MoH.

Will other themes be available to participate in in the future?

Yes, in the first year of FekraTech, 4 different themes will be deployed, starting with the current health theme, then education, smart cities and finally e-commerce. Each theme will last for 3 months.

What is a digital solution?

"A digital solution describes the use of electronic technology that generates, stores, and processes data in terms of binary code (1s and 0s) to convert this data in any or all of its diverse forms such as text, sound, image or voice to useful information to solve a specific challenge.

In short: it is any solution that makes use of electronic technology either partly or fully to solve a specific challenge."

What is the difference between digital ideas and digital projects?

  • A digital project is any digital solution with a description of that solution and prototype for it.
  • A digital idea is a description of a digital solution that is still in the research and planning phase.

What is a prototype?

A prototype is an early sample or model built to test a concept or a product.

What are the basic prototypes categories?

  1. A Proof-of-Principle Prototype serves to verify some key functional aspects of the intended design, but usually does not have all the functionality of the final product.
  2. A Working Prototype represents all or nearly all of the functionality of the final product.
  3. A Visual Prototype represents the size and appearance, but not the functionality, of the intended design.
  4. A Form Study Prototype is a preliminary type of visual prototype in which the geometric features of a design are emphasized, with less concern for color, texture, or other aspects of the final appearance.
  5. A User Experience Prototype represents enough of the appearance and function of the product that it can be used for user research.
  6. A Functional Prototype captures both function and appearance of the intended design, though it may be created with different techniques and even a different scale from the final design.
  7. A Paper Prototype is a printed or hand-drawn representation of the user interface of a software product. Such prototypes are commonly used for early testing of a software design, and can be part of a software walkthrough to confirm design decisions before more costly levels of design effort are expended.

Note: In the case a prototype category is not mentioned in the above categories, a paarticipant can still submit the project by explaining the used prototype.


What are the most important dates I should keep in mind?

There are several dates you should keep in mind and below are the most important ones:

  • End of submissions (18 Nov 2017): This is the last day on which the FekraTech platform will be open to receive submissions from participants.
  • Nomination (3 - 7 Dec 2017): This week is reserved for the nomination to conduct interviews with the participants that have submitted ideas or projects that were makred as "Valid" based on the filtration criteria. These interviews maybe conducted online or live and participants will be notified of the exact dates and location of their interviews prior to their interviews.
  • Innovation Lab (10 - 14 Dec 2017): In this stage only the top 15 from the projects track get to participate in an intesive 5 days to work on refining their submitted projects.
  • Showcasing (17 Dec 2017 - 31 Jan 2018): In this stage the top candidates from the ideas track and the top 15 from the projects track selected to participate in the innovation lab are featured on the FekraTech website and all official FekraTech social media accounts along with their participations.
  • Winner selection (31 Jan 2018): In this final event, all top candidates are invited to take part in the celebrations ceremony where the winners of FekraTech will be announced and prizes awarded.

What are the stages that require my physical attendance?

Selected participants must commit to attend in person during the following stages:

  • The nomination interviews.
  • The Innovation Lab.
  • Winner announcement.

Who is on the judging and nomination committees?

Representatives from the Ministry of Health and representatives from partners of FekraTech, as well as experts in the medical, entrepreneurship, and technology fields.

What does the innovation lab stage entail?

The innovation lab will be a 5-day intensive program where participants are forced to rethink their digital solutions, refine them and test their readiness for the market place. The 5-day program will include different workshops, discussions with experts and coaching sessions. On the last day of the innovation lab, participant pitch their refined digital solutions to a judging panel of experts to appraise the proposed solutions and select the winners. Winner announcements will bw made on a later date. More details on the innovation lab will be communicated to the top 15 project participants selected.

Where will the Innovation Lab be located? Will I have to travel?

The Innovation Lab will be located in Saudi Arabia. The specific location will be siclosed at a later date. Any traveling and transportation expenses will be covered by the initiative.

Who can join the Innovation Lab?

Only the top 15 projects that are selected by the nomination committee will join the Innovation Lab. Winners who submitted ideas will not join the Innovation Lab.

Eligibility of Participants

Can non-Saudis participate in FekraTech?

Yes, expats living in Saudi Arabia are eligible to submit their digital solutions to the challenges posted on the FekraTech website.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any Saudi citizen or non-Saudi resident can participate in FekraTech given that the participant is of 15 years of age or older.

Do I have to have previous experience in programming or in the digital field to participate?

If don not have any programming experience, then you can participate in FekraTech's ideas track. However, if you do have some programming experience you are eligible to participate in the projects track.

Can I participate with more than one idea?

Yes, a participant can submit more than one idea. However, keep in mind that ideas without enough information will be filtered out during the filtration period.

Can a group of people participate with an idea or a project as a team?

Participation with an idea is not possibe as a team, however participation with a project can be done as a team given that the team does not exceed five members. Please also note that prize money is given to the winning team's leader registered on the submission form.


How can I register on FekraTech for the first time?

You can register on FekraTech by following these steps:

  1. Select the challenge you wish to participate in.
  2. Click on one of the buttons to submit an idea or a project.
  3. Fill in your information to receive a confirmation email.
  4. Click on the link provided in the confirmation email to access the registration form.
  5. Fill in information about the idea or project, and click on ""submit"" to send in your participation or "save" to come back to it later.

Alternatively, you can click on "New user" at the top of the main page and follow the instructions prompted.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

Click on the "Login" button at the top of the main page, click on "forgot password" then follow the instructions as prompted.

I didn’t receive the confirmation email after registration, what should I do?

It might take a few minutes between registering and receiving the confirmation email. Should the problem persist, please contact us on or by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the site.

What are the categories that can participate in the projects track in FekraTech?

The categories that can participate are:

  • Individuals.
  • Teams.
  • Companies/ Establishments (governmental or private).
  • Non profits.

Can government employees contribute to challenges relating to the sector they work in?

Government employees can submit their digital solutions on FekraTech regardless of their sector. This includes both citizens and residents working for the government, except for members of the team responsible for drafting the challenges and FekraTech's implementation team.


How will my idea be evaluated?

All submitted ideas will go through two stages: filtration and judging.

  • Filtration:
    All proposed ideas will be assessed and compared, to select the top ideas to present them to the nomination committee based on the following criteria:
    1. The solution is digital in nature.
    2. Clarity of the idea.
    3. Relevancy of the idea to the challenge in question.
  • Winner Selection:
    The nomination committee will evaluate the top ideas to select the 9 winning ideas (3 winning ideas from each challenge) based on the following criteria:
    1. Uniqueness of the idea.
    2. How it addresses the root cause of the problem.
    3. Applicability of the idea.

How will my project be evaluated?

All submitted projects will go through three stages: filtration, nomination, and judging & Winner selection

  • Filtration:
    All proposed projects will be assessed and compared, based on the following criteria:
    1. The solution is digital in nature.
    2. Clarity of the project description.
    3. Relevancy of the project to the challenge in question.
    4. Meets all the mentioned criteria of the challenge.
  • Nomination:
    The nomination committee will select the top 15 projects to be part of the innovation lab based on the following criteria:
    1. Added value of proposed solution.
    2. Economic Feasibility.
    3. How well the solution addresses the root cause of the problem.
    4. Applicability of the project.
  • Judging & Winner Selection:
    At the end of the Innovation Lab, a judging committee will evaluate the top 15 projects and showcase the participating projects on the FekraTech website then select the top 3 winners based on the following criteria:
    1. Project team experience & Skills.
    2. Project Maturity.
    3. Scalability of the project.
    4. Economic Feasibility of the project.
    5. Uniqueness of the project.

What are the rules for participation?

You can check the participation rules in the relevant section in the Terms and Conditions page. here .

Will I still be the owner of my idea or project after I submit it?

Yes, all rights are reserved. Please refer to the Intellectual Property section under the Terms and Conditions page.

If two similar participations are submitted by two different individuals? How is a decision made as to which one is selected?

It often happens that multiple submissions suggest the same or very similar solutions. In such cases, if the submissions pass the initial filtration phase and satisfy all filtration criteria, the nomination committee will make the decision as to which participant will move on to the following stage of FekraTech.

Am I obligated to follow through with the competition once I've submitted my idea or project?

Droping out of the challenge must be done prior to the 30th of November 2017. Drop outs must be communicated via email to the following address:

Will my idea or project be implemented if I win the challenge?

The winning projects will be offered support for implementation by incubators.

Can I edit my submission?

Participants can't edit their submissions after they have submitted them. However, participants have the option to save submissions and not send them until they are ready.

Can I suggest a new challenge and submit a solution for it?

You are encouraged to share any suggestions you have with the FekraTech team via email on We will try to post your challenge in future versions if it complies with FekraTech's vision.
However, for the current version, kindly select one of the proposed challenges and submit your best solution for it.

In what language should the submission be; Arabic or English?

You can make your submissions in either Arabic or English, whichever you prefer.

Can I submit my solution by email?

To make a submission to FekraTech, you must do so through the official FekraTech platform and not by any other means.

Can I submit a digital solution I have already developed?

Yes, you can participate with a solution you've already developed, given that you have full ownership of the solution proposed.

Ambassadors and the Points System

How can I participate as an ambassador? And how do I win?

To participate as an ambassador, you can receive points by:

  1. Inviting your friends and family to be part of FekraTech by sharing the link found in your profile page.
  2. Engaging with articles published on MediaTech by liking, commenting and sharing.
  3. Interacting with ideas and projects through likes and comments.
  4. Contributing with an article.
  5. Submitting a digital idea or project.
The 10 ambasaadors with the highest points are selected to win nominal prizes.

What are the criteria that will earn me points when contributing with an article?

200 points will be added to your profile for each article submitted, given that it satisfies the following criteria:

  • The topic of the article must be health-tech related.
  • The article must be based on trusted scientific research or written by experts in the relevant field.
  • The article must be clear and gets the message across easily.
  • The article must have a clear structure (Introduction - Body - Conclusion or closing paragraph).

What are the criteria that will earn me points when engaging with an article on MediaTech?

Liking, commenting on an article and someone clicking on your shared link of the article will automatically earn you 10, 30 and 50 points for each of the activities respectively. However comments that are inappropriate in nature will be removed and the points earned from making the comment will be removed from the user's profile page.

What are the criteria that will earn me points when submitting a digital idea or project?

To earn points by participating in either the ideas track or the projects track, the submission must satisfy the following criteria:

  • All personal information must be complete and accurate.
  • Idea and project descriptions must be clear and easy to understand.
  • The idea or project must be digital in nature (A digital solution).
  • The digital solution suggested must be relevant to the challenge selected.
  • Project submissions must include a prototype either as an attachment or a link.

I shared an article I liked from MediaTech section with my friends, and the total score on the profile did not change! What is the problem?

Points from sharing an article link are only earned when the person or persons it is shared with actually click on the link. Moreover, the point collection process may take up to 15 minutes, please refresh your profile page in 15 minutes.

Where can I check the points I've earned as an ambassador?

You can find the total points you've earned on your user profile page.

What do the badges stand for?

Each badge represents an accomplishment in your collection of points, and makes you eligible to win prizes. Please see the Ambassadors tab for more information or hover over the badges on your profile page to see a description of each badge.

How can I earn another badge?

You will be able to earn another badge by gaining more points.

I've done what is required to earn points, but they have not been added on my profile page. Why is that?

Please contact the FekraTech team directly for support by sending an email to or clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the site.


How can I submit an article to the MediaTech Section?

Click on "Submit article" at the bottom of the homepage to submit an article that you would like to see featured on FekraTech.

Can I submit an article that is not written by me?

Yes, you can, but you must mention the source and provide us with the link to the original article.

How can I guarantee that the intellectual property rights of my article will not be violated?

Under the Terms and Conditions, users are not authorized to sell, license, lease, modify, copy, reproduce, download, publish, transfer or distribute any materials derived from the content of this Platform without prior written approval from the FekraTech team. This includes your submitted articles. However, in the event of a violation, the FekraTech team is not responsible for any legal procedures regarding the violation of any laws any user has committed on any level. For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions page and look under the Intellectual Property Rights and the Copyright Notice section.

A specific user disagrees with my article. Can I delete his/her comment?

The FekraTech team will be monitoring and removing any illicit or rude comments. Thus, you are unable to remove any comments yourself; however, you can contact the team directly via email on to report an illicit comment.

Winning and Prizes

How do I know if my submission has been selected or nominated?

If your submission is selected or nominated to move on to the next stage, you will be contacted using the contact information that you provided in the registration form.

What are the prizes offered to the winners of FekraTech?

  • Ideas Track:
    • The top 3 winners will be selected from each of the 3 challenges to win SR 10,000 each.
  • Projects Track:
    • The top winner from each of the 3 challenges will win SR 100,000 each as well as a trip to Silicon Valley and incubation of thier project.
    • Second to fifth place winners from each of the 3 challenges will win a trip to an international tech-related conference along with a tech training voucher to be announced on winner announcement day.
  • Ambassadors:
    • The top 10 ambassadors with the highest number of collected points will win nominal prizes to be announced on winner announcement day.

What does incubation of projects entail?

For project track participants, first place winners in each challenge receive the chance to incubate their projects. Incubation will help guide the project owner to launch a successful start up. Incubation can offer things such as seed money, mentoring/coaching and/or office space depending on the needs of the project as well as the terms of the incubating partner. Incubators will sometimes negotiate a percentage ownsership of the start up in return for the resources provided. Further details on the incubators will be communicated to the winning project owners.

Note: An incubator may decide to select additional projects to incubate other along with the winning projects.


I can't find the answer to my question on this page. How can I contact the FekraTech team?

Please contact the FekraTech team directly for support by emailing them at or click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the site.